Find Flexibility and Freedom with the Ford Expedition

Gurley Leep Ford understands that it can be difficult to find a car that is truly built for a majority of off-road situations. This is why carry the Ford Expedition, a popular full-size SUV that is exceptionally efficient at giving you complete flexibility even when traveling on rough terrain.

For example, the Expedition's Terrain Management System gives you seven special drive modes that make it easy to quickly switch between types of terrain. In the event that you prefer to manually control the performance settings, you can also choose between 2WD or 4WD within any of the seven drive modes. The Terrain Management System also adjusts the car automatically once a mode is selected, making it easier to adapt to any type of situation.

Want to see for yourself just how comfortable the Ford Expedition can be? If so, we recommend that you stop by Gurley Leep Ford for a test drive!

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