The Impressive Capability Features of The Ford EcoSport

Here at Gurley Leep Ford, we are often asked to recommend a vehicle that is capable of dealing with anything life may throw at it. Our answer is almost always the same - the new Ford EcoSport. This popular compact SUV is filled from bumper to bumper with fantastic capability features.

South Bend, IN drivers are likely to be particularly impressed by the new EcoSport's Hill Start Assist technology. This feature allows you to easily switch from braking to accelerating without needing to worry about the vehicle rolling backward. This innovative system automatically activates as soon as you hit the brake pedal while you are on a slope or slant.

The new Ford EcoSport also offers an impressive Cargo Management System. This feature includes more than 30 different storage areas including an adjustable rear load floor - helping to ensure that you always have a place to stow your stuff.

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