Capability Features in the All-New Ford Explorer

There are a number of reasons why the new Ford Explorer is being recognized as a popular SUV. Today we discuss a few capability features in this SUV drivers certainly appreciate.

There will come a time when you need to get into your SUV and your hands are full of gear, sporting equipment, or groceries. This is not an issue when you own the Ford Explorer because it comes with the hands-free and foot-activated liftgate. Simply use your foot to activate the feature, and now you can place all those items effortlessly inside the back of the vehicle.

In the event you have too much to haul, take advantage of the side roof rails on top of the Ford Explorer. Now you can securely carry everything you'll need on your trip.

We have the new Ford Explorer ready on the lot here at Gurley-Leep Ford for you to take out for a test drive.

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