Making Sure Your Brake Pedals Are Functionally Correctly

We tend to take certain automotive parts for granted until they no longer function as they should. Such is the case with our brakes. When the brake pedal starts feeling soft and spongy when it's depressed, it’s time to get your vehicle in for service. Visit us at Gurley Leep Ford and let our service techs have a look.

There are several things that can cause your brake pedal to stop working as it should. Air in the brake lines or a damaged brake line are two of the main causes. The wheel cylinders and brake calipers both can become corroded from rust. The master cylinder, which controls the brake drums, also wears out over time. Any of these things require service.

Call us for an appointment or stop by our service center in South Bend, IN. We can not only repair your brakes but can also offer you any other automotive services you may need.

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