Check Out These Ford Flex Design Features

Want a popular midsize SUV that will blow you away? The Ford Flex is packed with new design features that are sure to grab your attention.

This is not your ordinary SUV, this sport compact combines the power and look of a sports car into one. The 19-inch wheels come magnetic painted, the headlights are darker, and the car has a rear spoiler. The Flex also has mirror caps, front grille, and skid plates.

The Flex also comes with a sunroof that was designed to take your breath away. The Flex is equipped with a panoramic Vista Roof, allowing passengers and drivers to get a clear view of everything above. The craftsmanship and design of the sunroof allow everyone to see all around. The large forward panel of the roof can be tilted forward or has the option to be opened fully too.

Want to see these features for yourself? Visit Gurley Leep Ford and take the new Ford Flex for a test drive today.

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